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Our story

 My name is Lucy-Ann Smith and I was born and raised in England. After completing my child care/midwifery/maternity nursing education, I packed myself a bag, left the home I'd always known and travelled across the world to Canada. At 20 years old this was just one of my 
many solo travelling adventures, but little did I know that the beautiful Vancouver Island would become my forever home.


Fast forward a little over 30 years - my husband and I have 3 amazing sons and 3 beautiful granddaughters. What started as a small family daycare in our home for 10 years when our boys were 
lucy fam.png
young, turned into one of the largest child care companies on the island.


Today Happy Campers Child Care boasts 20 centers from Colwood, Langford, Sooke & Lake Cowichan in 13 different locations, employing 65 staff from within our communities. We pride ourselves on offering 
quality child care to your little ones, providing them with the opportunities to learn and grow independently.
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