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Frequently Asked


Here you might find answers to the most common questions
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Am I eligible for subsidy? 
Please refer to the BC Childcare subsidy website
What is subsidy?
Subsidy is when the cost of childcare is partially covered for low income families. Because everyone deserves the right to affordable child care 
Can I come visit anytime?
 Due to the busy program schedules we ask that interested clients please use our virtual tours on our Locations Page. In person tours can be scheduled when secured enrollment is offered
Qualified staff?
Yes, all staff who work at Happy campers have their criminal record check, 1 st aid/CPR, at least 20 hours of education relating to working with children and are over 19 years of age (all as regulated by VIHA). Some staff also have their class 4 or better driving license, Early Childhood Education, child counseling courses, child & youth care degree and their National Nursery Examination Board degree. All are expected and encouraged to continue their professional development on an ongoing basis. Our staff work together as a team and most of our staff have been with us for a long time. A high turn over in staffing is not what we want as the children need consistency with those who care for and play with them.
Do you provide meals?

No, we ask that parents provide all food to reduce the risk of allergies.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept direct debit, Visa and MasterCard payments for all secured enrollments costs.

Please E-Mail Brandan regarding payment questions
Have you opted into the Governments child care reduction incentive program?
Yes! we opted in for the 22/23 year and we’re approved! Learn more about the program Here
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